What happens when geeks get jobs?

Window blind retailer Interior Goods Direct, recently decided to open up their design studio to the young apprentices they had taken on and give them the chance to get their designs featured on the company blog. The brief was simply to create blinds they’d want to hang in their homes.

Darth Vader window blind image
Simply awesome!

What the apprentices came up with surprised the MD who was probably expecting something more traditional. “I’ll admit that I was expecting something more traditional.” said Mark Small, Managing Director. I was right, he was.

No matter whether they managed to impress their boss or not the apprentices are clearly men and women after my own heart, as the designs are super geeky with references to this year’s memes, films and popular culture.

Now I’m not convinced my girlfriend would allow any of these in our current house but I could easily picture the Darth Vader blind preventing light seeping into geek-caves* around the country. Unfortunately these designs are yet to be turned from concept to reality so check out the others here and let the company know that we want them in production before the latest Star Wars finishes its cinema run.

*geek-caves – like man-caves but with more gadgets and less Sky Sports…

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