Goodbye 2018…

Hello more geekiness!

Regular visitors will be aware that there has been a distinct lack of content over the last two years. Whether due to a new job, wedding, honeymoon or purchasing our first house there is simply no excuse for this!

Despite the lack of new reviews I can promise you that I haven’t stopped researching new tech nor buying myself (or the house) gadgets. There are so many articles I have to write that I feel I must list some of them here, in order that you – dear reader – can judge me and harangue me if I fail to deliver.

  • Philips Hue plus accessories (and useful tips/apps/tricks) – smart lighting for your house
  • Novation Circuit – the coolest music gadget I’ve ever bought, truly awesome and an utter bargain!
  • Eachine EX2Mini – cool beginner racing drone but a little bit “meh”
  • Eachine Wizard X220 – absolutely awesome and the reason the EX2Mini doesn’t impress
  • Xiaomi MI Drone 4K – awesome aerial photography quadopter and money very well spent!
  • Mi Drone Handheld Gimbal – has its cons but mostly worth the purchase
  • So much more!

Seriously. So much more… There is so much I have to write about that I’m getting shoppers regret just thinking about it all. From guitar wall mounts to a new Kindle E-reader and everything in between, there will probably be a review of a product that you are interested in coming shortly. I’ll also include some tech based stories if time allows. Like how my first ever GDPR information removal request went for example.

Some reviews will be short and to the point. Eg. The GDPR request went okay. Others I will dive in with 2 (even 3 feet) and ramble on. Either way you can be guaranteed that if you purchase a “Recommended” product you will not be disappointed.

What is a “Recommended” product? It’s a new thing I came up with to let you know if something is so good everyone should have it. At least I think I came up with it? Might have read it somewhere.

Anywho! I will aim for at least one review a week and see how we get on. Please enter your email in the subscribe link to be the first to know when a new story is published. One email a week from me isn’t too annoying I hope but if it is just suck it up I guess ’cause there ain’t nuffin’ you can do! Bollocks. I forgot about GDPR…

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