IQOS – A New Alternative to Smoking

I’m a smoker. Worse than that, I’m a 33 year old smoker so it has just stopped being cool*. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to quit but, given past experiences with nicorette lozenges, tablets, oral strips, patches, Champix**, vaping of every kind and going cold turkey – none of which have worked – I’ve decided to put my trust in the industry that has been trying to kill me for the last 18 years. To that end I’ve just received my IQOS trial kit (use code M340F5 to get £20 off a 2.4 Plus Starter Kit) through the post.

IQOS has been developed and manufactured by Philip Morris as a “less risky” alternative to smoking. It does this by heating, rather than burning a tobacco substance they’ve created, whilst retaining the nicotine and sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes (according to their literature). The mini cigarette things that contain this tobacco substance are called Heets.

As your loyal and loving incompletegeek I will be putting my life on the line and Phillip Morris’ new gear to the test over the next month and reporting back on whether this product is whack or really good shizz***. IQOS is not marketed as a smoking cessation device but the inhaled gases from Heets contain 90% less harmful products (again, this is according to their literature) so, if I can ween myself onto these, at least I will be killing myself more slowly while I figure out how to stop for good.

* Smoking was never cool or at least, unlike Audrey Hepburn, it never looked cool on me.

** F-word Champix**** and it’s nasty side effects. I wish I’d never been prescribed it and it should be banned.

*** Heets contain no marijuana or marijuana substitute… ☹️

**** Sorry for my language everyone but extra sorry to my mother. She bringed me up way betterer than what I is using bad words.

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