Haryali Safety Razor Set – Shave Like a Real Man


Overall rating: 6/10

Value for money: 10/10!

Pros: All you need to begin shaving with a safety razor, blades last ages, nicely weighted razor

Cons: Badger hair brush not properly treated, soap doesn’t foam up easily, steel bowl a bit cheap


Real men shave with a cut throat razor. Real men who don’t want to bleed out on the bathroom floor use a double edged safety razor. For years I have used the standard replaceable razors from Gillette or Wilkinson, or whoever else had squeezed yet another blade into their razor head. I bought into the more blades=cleaner shave with less irritation rubbish. I have never been able to shave without getting ingrowing hairs so I tried everything in the hope of eliminating razor burn and the unsightly spots and pain that arise with ingrowing hairs. I tried taking loofah to my neck on the advice of a friend but with only a moderate improvement.

Haryali Safety Razor Set
Great entry level shaving set

Then two weeks ago, whilst researching a 30th birthday present for a friend, I stumbled on the double edged safety razor. It seems more and more men are moving to these for the cost efficiency of the replacement blades and to make shaving more of an event. The main draw for me is the lack of razor burn as you only run a single blade over your skin, at most twice. No longer are you dragging four blades over your stubble that get clogged and blunt after just a few shaves causing that horrible tugging sensation. There are now countless blogs and videos showing how to shave with a safety razor properly but you’ve probably been shaving quite a while and the basics are the same.

Haryali Razor and Badger hairBrush
Matching black razor and brush by Haryali

I bought a good entry level set for my friend and one for myself. The Haryali Double Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set. I have now used it four times and haven’t experienced a single nick or any of the dreaded ingrowing hairs. The kit arrived quickly and well packaged in a display box. You won’t keep the box (it’s made of cardboard and not that fancy) but it is a nice touch on an product costing under £30. The razor itself is fairly plain but well weighted and seems like it will last a long time. I like the matching black handles of the razor and brush. The badger hair brush has a nice soft feel to it, maybe too soft, but it’s real badger hair and it does the job. My only complaint is it had not been fully treated before shipping and you can probably guess that badger hair has a bit of a whiff to it! This is easily solved by dunking it in white vinegar for a few minutes and rinsing with soapy water.

The steel bowl is a little tacky and the included soap doesn’t foam up quite right but does have a great smell to it. Maybe I’m not whipping the soap up enough but you can use your current shaving gel with the badger brush to get a nice lather or purchase a higher quality block of shaving soap. Making a bit of an occasion out of it also helps the quality of the shave. Have a shower to make the hairs as soft as possible and shaving only with the grain produces the best results. Don’t press the blade into your beard, let the weight of the head of the razor do the work. Reapply the shaving foam before going over it a second time for a really close shave and to reduce the chance of irritation.

This double edged safety razor set is a great first kit for yourself or the perfect gift for any men in your life. Well priced, fully inclusive and free delivery from the link at the top. The included set of blades will last you a long long time and a set of 50 replacement blades is just £5.50 delivered!


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