Shadow Horse – Android App

My evenings over the last few weeks have been spent making a new Android game called Shadow Horse. It’s free so please check it out here!

Free from your rider, it is up to you as Shadow Horse to avoid the obstacles. Keep running and leap your way to victory. Use careful timing and skillful coordination to clear the jumps as your speed gradually increases!

Shadow Horse is an infinite scrolling horse jumping game

1) Tap to jump
2) Tap and hold for maximum height and range of jump
3) Let nothing distract you in your quest for glory

My aim in writing this game was to make the most addictive mobile game ever. I wanted the game to be challenging but fair. Simple and efficient game mechanics are combined with random obstacles. The jumps are created based on the speed of the horse meaning every jump is possible and only your skill and timing can prevent you getting that high score.

I live in Newmarket, England (the home of British Horseracing) and watching the horses train each morning was a huge inspiration.

Don’t let the beautiful graphics and changing environments distract you from success!

A huge shoutout to AlmightZenTaco over on Youtube for all his Clickteam Fusion Tutorials – check out his stuff here.





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