Shadow Horse Updates

Download Shadow Horse (for free!) here: Shadow Horse (Google Play)

Version 1.03 (03/12/16) – Reduced the time taken to restart Shadow Horse after game over.

Version 1.04 (05/12/16): Based on initial feedback I have made the game a little easier by increasing the jump strength. This should help early on when speed is still low. Also added a link to Shadow Horse game development information, bug fixes, new content and other updates on this blog. Also added a link button for users to rate the game.

Version 1.05 (06/12/16): Added new weekly jump. Bug fixed text placement issue on results screen.

Version 1.06: Skipped

Version 1.07 (09/12/16): Added link to shadow horse competition page! Bug fixes: Corrected problem with stuttering on some devices.

Version 1.08 (13/12/16): Added two pine tree jumps

Version 1.09 (14/12/16): Removed pine tree jumps… 🙁

Version 1.10 (16/12/16): Huge update! You can now submit your high score to an online leaderboard! Who will be the global champion of Shadow Horse and claim the number one spot this Christmas? General bug fixes and improvements.


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